esports collaborative betting

The first decentralized international peer-to-peer betting platform for massive multiplayer online electronic games

Within ecobetting platform, the users can not only earn bonus by playing various online esports as players, but also earn profits by placing a bet based on the ongoing esports games as audience and win the bet. All the bets are among the gamblers without any third-party or middle-man. The transaction of assets is fully transparent and safe since the process will be completed based on Ethereum smart contract.


  • Tournament bet

We offer tournament bet for the audience all over the world, which you can play and win the money while watching esports tournaments.

  • For Players

Game players can place private bets and win the wager while enjoying different esports games. They can decide if this round of game is public.

  • For Audience

Audience can bet for public games by either professionals or amateurs. They can follow the bet-professionals to place bets and earn profits.

  • Player Bonus

The being followed gambler / player will receive a certain extra bonus from profits of the followers / the corresponding total audience wagers.

  • esports fields

The services aim at for now in Dota2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Counter Stirke, and Hearthstone. Enjoy playing, betting, and winning.

  • Tournamnet

We will launch ecobetting esports tournament within the platform community. Big rewards will be there for you.

Unlimited Potential

Expand ecobetting fields

The platform will include other popular multiplayer video games based on the community's appeal.

Include online sports betting

The platform can add betting for online sports video games like basketball, football, and so on.

Include mobile esports betting

Along with the growth of mobile games, ecobetting will introduce mobile esports betting in the future.

Broadcast esports tournaments

Introduce live esports tournaments broadcasts, and aims at being giant company like ESPN.


The strategy of ecobetting project

Q4 2017
Propose the esports collaborative betting idea
Q1 2018
Build the team and start the company of ecobetting platform
Q2 2018
Develop ecobetting tokens, the ecobetting smart contracts and the Alpha version of the ecobetting platform
Q3 2018
Initial coin offering
Q4 2018
Debug, improve, and perfect the functions within the website in terms of interface of different esprots games, esports betting, and follow scheme
Q1 2019
Launch the Gamma version of ecobetting platform
release the official github code
start the market campaign
Start buying back ecobetting tokens and burn them for the first time
Re-collect the opinions from the community within ecobetting platform
Register ecobetting platform under related regulatory authorities and laws
Q2 2019
Launch the final version of ecobetting platform
Migrate the platform to the best level server to improve the users’ experience
Start the global maket campaign
Launch the first annual ecobetting tournament/competition
Develop ecobetting ecosystem
Seek potential partnerships for further expansion of the esports coverage betting within the platform
Continue to buy back and burn some tokens
Q3 2019
Expand the coverage of esports betting within the platform
Add other esports betting items based on the demand of community and analysis of our market members
Buy back and burn some tokens
Q4 2019
Perfect the ecobetting ecosystem
Buy back and burn some tokens at each quarter in the future until the value of token grows to $10
Future development based on the suggestion from the company CEO and other members, and the whole ecobetting community


Token Name:
Token Name Symbol:
ERC-20 contract address:
ICO time:


ecobetting coin

from  July 1 0:00 to  September 30 23:59 (UTC)

Token Distribution

  • Token sale
  • Marketing and partnerships
  • Future development
  • Company team
  • Ecobetting tournaments
ICO stage
Time (UTC)
Available Tokens
Price Rate
(Per ETH)
Pre-ICO round 1
July 1 – July 10
Pre-ICO round 2
July 11 – July 21
Pre-ICO round 3
July 22 – July 31
Crowd Sale
August 1 – September 30

Pre ICO  Round 3 Ends after


Gas Limit: 200000



Make sure that you control the private key of your wallet that supports ERC20 tokens before you send Ether from that wallet. Do not send ETH directly from an exchange to the ICO address. You can send Ether from MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, or imToken directly to the token sale contract address [0xeAFe389a78Cdf3CAe41609c6cA35B596650dF877], tokens will be sent to you directly, please patiently wait for the transaction to be done.

Frequently asked questions

Ecobetting is adecentralized peer to peer betting plaltform for esprots (or massive multiplayer online electronic games).

With the explosion of esports recently, the online betting business on esports is doomed to be huge in the near future. Not to mention that esports will be potentially legitimized as the Olympic games. The esports collaborative betting scheme will benefit esports game players, gamblers, and token holders.

Ecobetting aims to be one of the  best  and largest online betting platform all over the world. The platform provides not only betting serivces but also entertainment considering playing various esports games to the ecobetting ecommunity.

No. Only people within a certain countries where online betting is legal will be permitted to use ecobetting platform. KYC (know your customer) will be implemented once the platform is launched. Besides, along with KYC, the corresponding terms will be provided to avoid underage gambling.

The Gamma version of ecobetting platform will be launched in 2018 Q4. The final version containing services related to Dota2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, and Hearthstone, will be avaiable in 2019 Q1.
Ecobetting (ECB) token is a utility token being used within ecobetting platform. ECB is ERC-20 token with total supply of 100,000,000. The token contract address is 0xa72ffa613ACfe1868a625763300a0B0116D53663. The decimal is 18.
ECB will be listed on several external exchanges in 2018 Q4. And the details about the exchanges will be announced soon before the list.

There will be three stages of pre-ICO with disaccounts of 24%, 16%, 8%. And the exchange rate in crowdsale is 1 ETH = 3000 ECB. The details about ICO stages are provided in Token Sale part.

Our company will buy back ECB tokens and burn them in every quarter using 10% of the platform profits till the token value of ECB reaches $10. After that, the total supply of ECB token will be fixed.

The ecobetting platform is the first decentralized international p2p betting platform for massive multiplayer online electronic games.